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March 28th – April 8th
Centro de Artesanía de las Artes Escénicas, Madrid
 The theatre project "BODY MEMORY" is a multilateral exchange  (Spain, Italy and Romania) co- financied by Erasms+ program of UE and  based on the use of non-formal education and on the theatre as tool for social transformation. The project will take place in Madrid from the 28th of March to the 8th of April.
“BODY MEMORY” responds to the need of a group of young people that are part of the association Residui Teatro and to the need of their peers coming from the partner associations. The aim is to make a historical review of their home countries and understand the legacies that have been established, today and in the daily life.
Residui Teatro Association works through theatre and dance, using the body as the main working tool. That's why the group research starts from the body and moves toward it as a study object and a discloser component.
The body is a map of the history. The human body reflects the violence and the blocks of the cultural heritage. It is built together with the context and reflects the current reality through the shape, the appearance, the movement and the use of itself. The current reality is made by all the past realities.
The goal of "BODY MEMORY" is to look at the history of each participating country, restore the historical awareness to avoid continuing to feed their negative legacies, so unconsciously impregnated in our body and in our way to inhabit it.
An important goal is also to learn to use art as a tool for social and personal transformation, for the development of the communication in the local and intercultural environment.
During the meeting in Madrid all the groups will realize a show on 6th abril at 19,30 in Centro de Artesania de las Artes Escenicas de Madrid.
This creation work will not be a performing show of just one day and without continuity, but we gonna work to create a show "format" that can be set again in other contexts.
During the project the 24 people from Madrid, Milan and Cluj will meet Jose Sanchis Sinisterra, Eduardo Perez Rasilla, Comuna de Prexos del franquismo and Raul Iaiza.
The final show will be direct by Csonogor Kollo (Shoshin Theatre asociacion) andGregorio Amicuzi (Residui Teatro), assisted by Raquel Alarcón (Regula contra Regulam Teatro).


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